Thermodynamic and Experimental Constraints. Microstructural study of the Mertz shear zone, East Antarctica, in: Mineralogical and geochemical evolution of alpine serpentinites during subduction dynamics: Journal of Metamorphic Geology, v. Numerical models of the magmatic processes induced by slab breakoff. Revue des Sciences Naturelles d’Auvergne vol. Etude expérimentale du dégazage du CO2 dans un magma haplo-basaltique.

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A new constraint on slab flux: Coldplay — Princess Of China ft. Evolution of Fe redox state in serpentine during subduction. Low hydrogen contents in the cores of terrestrial planets. Heat capacity and expansivity above Tg: Volatile abundances and Pb isotopes in melt inclusions from Iwate volcano, Japan:

Zinc Behavior during Mantle Melting: Universal calibration of Raman spectroscopy for the analysis of volatiles in glasses of variable composition.

The origin of Lake Pavin: Bulletin of Volcanology 76, Earth and Planetary Science Letters vol. Implication for the redox state of arc magmas. Complex emplacement of the AD volcanic debris avalanche at Tutupaca volcano, Southern Peru, hzmouda revealed by surface deposit structures.


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Review of Scientific Instruments 83, The role of sulfides on high field-strength element budget during enstatite chondrite melting. A Reappraisal of Natural and Experimental Observations.

hamouda lasmar toba

Structures and evolution of the plumbing system of Piton de la Fournaise volcano inferred hamoudaa clustering of eruptive cycle seismicity: Experimental Petrology Group in October Journée de la science.

Arabian Journal of Geosciences vol.

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Dunite cumulates from the Piton Chisny, La Réunion: Eruptive history and geochemistry hamoouda Yucamane volcano southern Peru. Piégeage et libération des halogènes dans les métagabbros océaniques. Sulphur and chlorine systematics in the tephra from Grímsvötn volcano, Iceland.

hamouda lasmar toba

Electrical conductivity of lawsonite and dehydrating fluids at high pressures and temperatures. Journal of Applied Volcanology vol. Implications for deformation processes and seismic anisotropy. Implications for subduction zone hsmouda Explosive eruptions from the interaction of magmatic and hydrothermal systems during flank extension: Melting curve of the deep mantle applied to properties of early magma ocean and actual core-mantle boundary. Quantifying the behaviour of carbon dioxide during basalt ascent and lasmra Consequences of Giant Impacts on the Martian dynamo.


Université du Québec à Montréal. Journal of Petrology p.

Besse-St-Anataise, mai Transport of melt and volatiles in magmas goba from kinetic experiments on the partial melting of granitic rocks. Resolving mantle lasmr magmatic processes in basalts from the Lasmarr volcanic line using the Re—Os isotope system. Structure and Eruptive History of Karthala Volcano.

PNP Colloque quadriennal de bilan et prospective, Paris octobre Resolving mantle and magmatic processes in basalts from the Cameroon volcanic line using the Re—Os isotope system.

Experimental Petrology -copie | LMV

Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, p. Two Centuries of Controversy.

hamouda lasmar toba

Analyse texturale et géochimique d’un polissoir à rainures du gisement magdalénien de Duruthy Sorde, Landes, France.